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As there already is a lot of information about motronic 4.4, I decided to try and get the same thing going for motronic 4.3. This has also been a great learning project for me. Everything you need to get started should be on this wiki, but the wiki is still very basic. I will add to this wiki whenever time allows me to. In the meantime, you can also refer to the m44 wiki, as much of the info in there also applies to m43:

Big parts of the project are based on other peoples work, so here's an incomplete list of notable contributors to the community:

  • Rkam
  • TightMopedman9
  • Mercuric
  • Simply Volvo
  • Piet
  • Many others

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Setting up TunerPro:

Reading the bin:

Flashing the bin:




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